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Joel Morales // president

Can't live without: "My family, dogs, friends and coffee."

Favorite artist: "I will forever love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jack White, LCD Soundsystem and Future Islands, but Kendrick Lamar, Khalid, and GoldLink are some of my current favorites."

Dream destination: "My dream is to have an adventure and, right now, that doesn't have a destination!"

Favorite food: "I could eat pizza and burritos everyday."

Fun fact: "I eat mayonnaise and Smucker's strawberry jelly sandwiches as comfort food."

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Can't live without: "My friends, family and coffee."

Favorite artist: "A three-way tie between Beyoncé, Shakira and Adele."

Dream destination: "I've Never been to Europe, so anywhere there would be fun!"

Favorite food: "Pizza."

Fun fact: "I was on Slime Time Live when I was a kid and I've met Betty White. I also LOVE dodgeball and traveling the country to play in tournaments."

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Jessica Morales // MARKETING & Events Manager

Can't live without: "My mama, manicures and French fries."

Favorite artist: "J-Lo, Jennifer Nettles and Sam Smith."

Dream destination: "Fiji and the Maldives."

Favorite food: "Mint chocolate chip ice cream and rice."

Fun fact: "I was a competitive skater as a kid!"



Can't live without: "My family and snuggles from my cats."

Favorite artist: "Stevie Nicks is a goddess."

Dream destination: "I've never been out of the country, but Iceland is first on my list!"

Favorite food: "Can I just have all the coffee and doughnuts?"

Fun fact: "I am a rock climber, runner and major Star Wars nerd."

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Can't live without: "My family, dogs, Jesus and food, of course."

Favorite artist: "Chance the Rapper and Big Sean. Chicago and Detroit represent!"

Dream destination: "Rome, Italy."

Favorite food: "Give me all the Middle Eastern food. All of it."

Fun fact:  "Jimmy Fallon follows me on Twitter."

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Can't live without: "Besides the basics (God, family, my wiener dogs, and friends), I cannot live without La Croix, BLINDING highlighter, and Uber."

Favorite artist: "They have to be good live and their shows have to be fun, so my favorites are Mura Masa, Kendrick Lamar, Astrid S, gnash, AlunaGeorge, and Vic Mensa. I also love Lil Yachty, but ironically."

Dream destination: "Switzerland. Why? It’s the birthplace of Helvetica!"

Favorite food: "The brunch menu."

Fun fact: "I’ve lived in every region of the US, except the West Coast. (#TexasForever)"